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Where in the world is photographer Layne Kennedy during a pandemic?

At home. Like the rest of us. Only he's taken on a new creative pursuit.

By Luke Heikkila

Layne Kennedy is a world-class photographer with a penchant for capturing moments of kinetic motion, along with quieter moments that can disappear in an instant. An editorial assignment photographer for the likes of National Geographic Traveler, Outside and LIFE, his work reveals that, wherever in the world he ventures, he's going to capture that shot, the one that mesmerizes. Honestly, if you crave escape, take a look at his portfolio. His images will transport you to far-off lands.

On the day I caught up with him, however, photography was not the focus of our conversation. Instead, we chatted about a new art form he's exploring - wood turning - and his newfound rush of creativity, which might be just the antidote we all need during a pandemic that keeps us confined to our homesteads.

In the time it takes me to watch yet another episode of that latest drama on my streaming service of choice, Layne can take a chunk of wood and turn it, literally, into what is the start of a beautiful wooden bowl.

From the point he leaves us in the video, the bowl is then put into two paper bags and left to dry in what used to be his functioning in-home dark room. He will check on the bowl nearly every day until later this fall, when he will then sand and stain the bowl and bring new life, and appreciation, to a fallen tree.


An example of photographer Layne Kennedy's wood-turning skills.
An example of photographer Layne Kennedy's wood-turning skills.

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