In the premiere episode of Twin Cities PBS’ first documentary podcast, author and host Jack El-Hai breaks down what happened on the day in 1951 when three brothers from Minneapolis disappeared and the ensuing search for answers.

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The Backstory on the Case Behind Long Lost

On November 10, 1951 Kenny, David and Danny Klein – ages 8, 6 and 4, respectively – left for Farview Park in Minneapolis’ Northside neighborhood. When their oldest brother, Gordon, went to fetch them for dinner, they were nowhere to be found. The resulting search raised more questions than answers and triggered the beginning of a lifelong saga for the Klein family.

In the newspaper clipping below, Gordon looks up at this father, Kenneth, as the family gets word from the Minneapolis Police about the search effort for the boys. Mother Elizabeth (Betty) Klein anxiously waits to hear the news.

Below, a map illustrates the location of the Kleins’ home in relation to the Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls and Dam, where much of the search effort was focused. In addition to lowering the water levels and dragging the river, civil air patrol pilots skimmed the surface of the river and said the water was so clear they could see discarded tires and toilet seats lodged in the riverbed.

One of the oldest active missing persons cases in the state of Minnesota, the Klein brothers’ story resurfaces in Long Lost: An Investigative History Series, weaving together the details of that day they went missing in 1951 right up until the present moment. You can listen to the first episode of the podcast at the top of this article – and stay tuned for new episodes weekly.


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