Almanac’s Kaomi Goetz talked with Doris Truong, the diversity and training director at Poynter, to discuss recent allegations of sexual misconduct in newsrooms, and how these stories get covered or buried. Incidents at Minnesota Public Radio, WAMU and others in the post-#MeToo era have spotlighted how newsrooms are undergoing a reckoning on ethics and transparency in covering their own employees, and an increased criticism of failing to adequately protect employees by keeping on, and in some cases promoting, employees with alleged or confirmed sexual misconduct in their pasts.


Despite the fact that Native American women make up less than 1 percent of the state’s population, they experience murder rates at 10 times the national average. While many of these murders go unnoticed in the criminal justice system, this year marked a turning point as several different proposals presented solutions to the state legislature. 

Almanac’s One Greater Minnesota reporter Kaomi Goetz ventured to northern Minnesota to investigate how the national spike in reports of human sex trafficking is impacting rural communities in the state.