Traffic is one of the most stressful parts of having to get around, but people like JoNette work every day to make commuting safer and faster for all forms of transportation. JoNette Kuhnau is a Civil Engineer for many different transportation projects in Minnesota, including Metro Transit bus and light rail lines, roundabout designs and the Vikings Stadium planning. She’s driven to improve the way that roads, trails and railways flow together. Her job ranges from reviewing design plans through computer simulations to being out in the field, observing how forms of mobility interact with each other.

However, JoNette grew up far from the city streets. Growing up on a farm, she learned how to be a dedicated, hard worker. As the first person to finish college in her family, JoNette knew she wanted to improve her community and make everyday life easier for people. Having teachers that supported her STEM interests and encouraged her to build STEM skills led her to a job that mixes analytical focus and open communication. Her job allows her to speak to commuters regularly, but JoNette also loves being on-the-move in her classic car that she restored on her own. JoNette showcases how a STEM career can really take you places.

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