Bridgette Shannon is a Product Development Specialist at 3M, and it all started with an inspiring chemistry teacher and the will to achieve. Bridgette’s formula for success is using her love of chemistry to develop groundbreaking products at work and to create natural remedies for her family at home. At work, she specializes in something rather small: minerals and grains. These grains are eventually used in tools that make jobs easier and faster for people using the products.

Bridgette loves taking her ideas and making them into something that is material, especially if what she makes benefits those around her. This spirit of giving was influenced by her close family ties while growing up, where she was taught to treat others with kindness. However, as one of the youngest in her family, she also learned how to stand her ground. There are not many African-American women in the chemistry field, and Bridgette had to work and study hard to land where she is today. Now that she is in the field, she is an advocate for those who want to pursue chemistry. A part of being a chemist is knowing how to combine different products to make something beneficial. In Bridgette’s case, she likes concocting home remedies and skincare products, proof that STEM can lead to many career and creative outlets.

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