Carlos Gonzalez shoots all kinds of assignment photography, but his main focus is sports. This year, he had the opportunity to shoot both Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis and the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. While we were interviewing Carlos at the Star Tribune‘s offices in downtown Minneapolis, he was working with his editor to put together a portfolio of his best work so far this year.


February 23, 2018, Ivett Toth of Hungary during her free skate. 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, South Korea. Women’s Single Skating Free Skating, Gangneung Ice Arena. (Editors Note – Photo made using multiple exposure in camera.)

The fraction of a second is the difference between a great image and one that’s just off a bit, and when you have them side by side, you can see it.” Carlos Gonzalez


September 26, 2002, Havana, Cuba – Cuban president Fidel Castro, feeds some of the livestock owned by The KaehlerÌs of St. Charles, MN. Cliff, 13, Seth, 11, Ralph, and Filomena, at the U.S. Food and Agribusiness Exhibition in Havana, Cuba.


September 2, 2008, St. Paul, MN – Republican National Convention (RNC). Zack De La Rocha lead singer of Rage Against the Machine spoke with fans at the State Capitol in St. Paul. The band was not allowed to perform near police so they sang 2 songs over a bullhorn for fans.


April 21, 2018, Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau in the second quarter. Minneapolis, MN, Target Center, NBA Playoffs.

“One of the most fulfilling parts of my job is being able to tell people’s stories. They’re trusting you to tell their stories, so there’s a lot of responsibility in that. And I’ve met a countless number of people, and everyone’s been wonderful in the sense of letting me in and letting me document what their life is like. It’s a really remarkable thing that people allow you to do that.”

July 6, 2007, Princeton, MN – Sammie Habeck, 16, (kneeling – middle) visited the crash site where her sister Victoria Schumann Swanson, 17, and 3 others lost their lives.

In addition to chronicling fast-paced sports events, Carlos has been in the unenviable position of photographing people in mourning: “It’s always a very difficult situation. You come in and someone experienced some kind of tragedy in their life, maybe lost a loved one, and we go and meet with the family and are there to tell their story, which is very important, but they’re going through a very difficult time in their life, and to show that in a respectful way, it’s difficult.”

August 11, 2007, Sadiya Sahal and her daughter Hana’s funeral. Dirt was shoveled and poured on the grave of Sadiya Sahal who died in the I-35 bridge collapse along with her daughter Hana at the Minnesota Islamic Cemetery in Burnsville, MN.

“There are instances where tensions can be high. We were sent out to cover the protests for Jamar Clark and there was this sense of anger, and in a situation like that, you just have to know how to diffuse the situation, sense how people are. It’s all part of the job and how you do it, and there are ways to diffuse situations and there are ways to escalate situations. Every situation is different, and you have to know the best way to handle it.”

March 30, 2016, Protesters made their way out of downtown Minneapolis to North Minneapolis. Evening marches and protests began in Minneapolis following the announcement that there will be no charges against Minneapolis police officers in the shooting death of Jamar Clark.

With so many people in the world able to take photos at the push of a cell-phone button, I asked Carlos whether or not he thought this phenomenon was weakening photojournalism. Carlos said he provides a consistency that casual photographers can’t deliver, and looking over his body of work, I tend to agree with him – though he does appreciate the real-time significance of taking photos with his cell phone and sharing them on his Instagram page.

December 7, 2016, Centennial High School girls basketball players reacted while viewing their Mannequin Challenge performance. – Circle Pines, MN. #ShotoniPhone


Here’s a short video about Carlos and the weekly entertainment newspaper,



Here’s another short video about a photo Carlos took during Randy Moss’ rookie year.



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