Kate McDonald

Four talented Anishinabe artists will be on stage June 13th sharing and demonstrating that Native folks are resilient, thrive, and have a large capacity for joy and awe. They inspire themselves and others with their artistic genius. My name is Marcie Rendon – I am an award-winning author and sometime performance artist who is curating the “Art Is…CreativeNativeResilience” show with three artists who are young, brilliant and entertaining. This evening will showcase the joy, humor, thought, compassion, vision and daring of the three featured Native artists.

DowntownJadaBrown sings the blues, plays a mean keyboard and enchants with spoken word. A super star to keep your eye on. Her community activism for the fight against the pipelines and her commitment to keeping Native women’s issues in the forefront compels and colors her voice and stage presence.

Actress, Ojibwe language teacher, dancer, mother and Karaoke Queen, Andrea Fairbanks is a core member of New Native Theater, where she has performed in numerous productions. She will act, move and dance to show the strength of the Ojibwe language.

With directorial skills worthy of being seen by royalty, Sir Curtis Kirby III brings the Ikidowin acting ensemble to the stage. This group of Native teens, under the direction of Kirby, have travelled internationally, performing plays about different issues that affect Native communities.

Each artist was chosen by me to be in this show because they tend to be “indianish” about the key roles they play in the community, meaning they downplay their talent and also tend to push others into the spotlight. This evening will be their night to shine. To be acknowledged for their talent, skill and courage to step out front. Years ago, I didn’t even know that, as a young Native aspiring artist, I longed and needed to see Native people on stage. The first time I saw a Native woman solo artist perform live, I thought to myself, “Dang! No one told me we could do this.” I am honored that I am in a position to offer the space, time and energy to these young artists who, in turn, will inspire others in our community. They are the artistic role models our community longs for.

There are workshops and conferences and articles written about historical trauma. This art, that you will witness this night, by these young people, will demonstrate that we are way more resilient than our trauma. Hence the title: “ART IS…CreativeNativeResilience!”

Come to the show, bring your family and friends. Laugh, smile, maybe shed a tear as you witness the strength of these three artists’ artistic ability, which they are thrilled to share with you.

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