On July 21, 2020, Twin Cities PBS hosted a virtual panel to discuss how LGBTQ+ health care and coverage might be changing in the United States.

Panelists dove into the details of President Trump’s ACA rule reversal, the recent Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ+ employee rights, and shared what business leaders, non-profits, HR departments and employees need to know so they are following the letter of the law.

Moderated by Almanac’s David Gillette (he/his), the conversation featured:

Christy Hall (she/her), a Senior Staff Attorney at Gender Justice, where she represents clients challenging gender discrimination.

Nathalie Crowley (she/her), Associate Executive Director at Family Tree Clinic, a regional leader in LGBTQ healthcare, evidence-based comprehensive sex education, and culturally responsive care.

Casey Nolan (she/her), Chief Human Resources Officer at HealthPartners.


Writer Lindsay King-Miller shares her journey to parenthood with her trans husband and asks the question, “Why is the road to parenthood full or perils for LGBTQ+ folks?”

Queer women are not statistically “safe” when seeking health care, but there are medical spaces that have been crafted so that they can be treated with the same dignity as any other patient. The documentary film Patient No More explores the barriers LGBTQ+ women navigate across healthcare systems, and how the never-ending hunt for affirming care affects their lives.

While Minnesota has a long history of high-quality health care – at least for those who can afford it – access to basic and preventative services and health outcomes can vary widely based on one factor: identity. A very real tension exists between health care and health insurance coverage in Minnesota and beyond, so we wondered: Why is it so tough for LGBTQ+ folks to get the care they need?