One Greater Minnesota reporter Kaomi Goetz traveled to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minn., to find out some surprising facts about the bald eagle. For example, winter is the best season to watch bald eagles in the state because there are fewer leaves on the trees. Another lesser-known reason is that bald eagles don’t migrate to warmer climates like songbirds. They will just go far enough south to where there is a food source, and that means water where fish can be caught. Find out more in this video story.


Twin Cities PBS Producer Luke Heikkila explored the concept of “forest bathing,” otherwise known as a slow walk in the woods. With the constraints of living in a pandemic, his aim is simple: He’s up for “new outdoor adventures that don’t require a lot of skill, risk or money.” So if you’ve always wondered about forest bathing, then this piece is for you.

“Quarry Park, an official city park in Duluth, Minn., was once the site of a blighted and abandoned rock quarry, known more for secluded under-age drinking gatherings and unauthorized rock climbing forays. But today, the quarry cliffs, which offer 80-foot ascents up both dry- and ice-mixed routes, draw climbers from around the region as one of the best places to train for climbing mountains out west and beyond.” One Greater Minnesota’s Kaomi Goetz explores the sport of ice climbing.