For the first time since its original run 30 years ago, Minnesota Experience brings back Emily Goldberg’s first-person journey through the vibrant Minneapolis music scene of the 80s.


No time to watch a full-length documentary right this moment? Check out come of our favorite clips from the show in “The Minneapolis Sound Made MN More than Almost Famous.” 

Many of the famous musicians and bands we remember from the heyday of the “Minneapolis sound” revolve around men. But women were also making music. Step inside the world of Minneapolis’ first all-female rock band, Têtes Noires, in this first-person story penned by Camille Gage, one of the band’s members. Read “‘The Soft Sexism of Low Expectations’ Did Not Apply to Têtes Noires.” 

When The Minneapolis Sound went into production more than 30 years ago, Twin Cities PBS – then KTCA – editor Jerry Lakso was new to the world of film editing. In the Q&A, “TPT Editor Jerry Lakso Revisits ‘The Minneapolis Sound’ 30 Years Later,” he discusses what it’s like taking a new look at the first documentary he ever edited.

This story is made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and the citizens of Minnesota.