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Stories from Dessa's Book: My Own Devices

By Ashleigh Rowe

In her widely-praised, first hardcover book My Own Devices, Dessa details stories about being a rapper, being in love and growing up in a South Minneapolis middle-class family. Dessa's compositions are intimate, perceptive and analytical and create a universe beyond her intellectual songwriting and self-expression.

My Own Devices

                                                      Dessa: My Own Devices courtesy of Dutton Books

Dessa's editor at Dutton Books, Maya Ziv was drawn to work with her on this project:

“I had been a fan of Dessa’s music and stage presence, but I fell in love with her voice in a whole new way on the page. She is a truly unique writer in her use of language, in how she sneaks in vulnerability and insights into herself, and most of all, I am convinced that her mind works like no one else’s. Reading her work is like spending time with her in person: feeling like you are falling in love with a new friend who also is possibly the smartest, funniest person you have ever met.”

Dessa will be speaking at the Wellbeing Experience at Northrop Auditorium on November 16, following her 5-city tour of the UK. Stay current with Dessa.

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Special Thanks: Becky Hoffmann, Dutton Books, Muddy Waters, Doomtree

Credits: Ashleigh Rowe, Producer; Matt Mead, Camera; Ryan Klabunde, Editor; Joe Demko, Post Audio

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