Senator Dave Senjem is from the town of Hayfield, Minnesota. Hayfield has a population of 889 people. While growing up and attending the local high school he was able to dabble in the arts, sports, and academics. “In a small school like that you did everything. Football, baseball, basketball, ran some track when they needed you. Glee club, class play, you could do anything in a small school.”

The yearbook photos prove Senjem did just that. Whether it is a young man sporting number 47 and a crew cut, or a bespectacled teen wearing number 32 on the basketball court he reflects on his good fortune for going to a small school and being able to participate in a number of activities.

When asked about his favorite classes he took a pause and singled out Mrs. Blanche Thronsen his typing teacher. He contemplates, “who would have thought that in 1960 you’d have to learn how to type and keep on typing literally your entire life. But for Mrs. Thronsen I would be a different person.”

“Back to School” is a recurring segment airing on Almanac at the Capitol that gives viewers a look at who Minnesota’s lawmakers were before they held elected office.