Stories of restoration are reviving St. Paul’s historic West 7th neighborhood. Uppertown is one way to describe the old neighborhood, its original limestone homes are unique for sure. Much of the stone was quarried on site that’s now steps from the busy downtown capital city. The stone mason who created this house also worked on Waldmann Brewery.

Five homes have gained historic registry status, we take you inside one that may surprise you. The resident is young and hip and fun. Adam Yust calls it the stone house and it’s owned by Adam’s architect father John Yust who calls the home a “love affair.”

The elder Yust bought the home in the 1970s and all the Yust children would go on to live in the house as adults that was renovated throughout their childhood. Adam adds, “I don’t think of it as an oxymoron” to have a young person living in an old house. He says he has a blast in the home and his generation can appreciate history.

The historic home feels like a country cottage in the city. The irreverent, eclectic, playful decor brings dashes of mid-century modern into an 1867 home. If you don’t think a small house and host a crowd, Adam boats “I can crank out a great dinner party” from his compact galley kitchen.