Original Gay pride flag with eight bars
Original Gay pride flag with eight bars. First displayed at 1978 San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade.

Mia’s “Stonewall at 50” event on June 14, 2019, commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, a defining moment that sparked a movement for gay liberation and civil rights in the United States.

June is also Pride Month, marking a time to reflect on those who paved the way at riots like Stonewall – though reflecting on and celebrating LGBTQ+ history goes beyond a single day or month of observance.

While at the Mia event in June, we asked event-goers a couple of key questions: Where are we today? And what does Pride mean to you today? Their answers proved to be truly moving, like this one:

Past Present + Proud… Remembering those who got us to this day.

We are honored to share some of the responses with you below, and ask that you add your own thoughts about what Pride means to you in the comments section below.

What does pride mean to you?

Pride Is…

Not feeling ashamed, erased, or invisible.

Loving community, standing together.

Means I can hold my partner’s hand in public!


BRAVE. It’s essential to remember, elevate and
protect the queer and trans community!

Protesting, persecution, being with my tribe.

More than glitter, more than a party-
dammit it’s my day-to-day!

Love is LOVE.

It makes me happy my gay daughter
can be married!

My protest. My riot. My right.

Saying “I love you” in public without
fear as often as possible.


I can say and be who and what I want
and can’t nobody tell me nothin’.


A group of people coming together to
celebrate love and community.

Loving myself, my history and my fellow
LGBTQIA friends & famil

trans women >YES!

Being yourself no matter what others think!

Community, trust radical acceptance.
People who love me as I am.

Quote about community and love


The chance to be who I am without hate or restriction.

Being me. Feeling safe enough to be me.

Remembering Queer History.

I get to be me. I get to have my wonderful
partner who also gets to be her.
Pride means authenticity to me!

My reminder that I will always have a family.

It’s the chance to reclaim years of hiding
& shout with joy until we wake up tomorrow
to begin the fight again. Amen.

Live is love.

Being hella gay!

Love = LOVE!

FREEDOM to be myself & love

Showing support for everyone
and anyone. LOVE.


What does Pride mean to you? Please share a comment below.

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