Meet the Minnesota thought leader who was born in ‘the most secret place on earth.’

About this segment: For several years, Almanac at the Capitol has been producing a profile series looking at the many individuals who influence state government. Pahoua Hoffman, who heads the Citizens League, is featured in this recent installment.


Watch the Twin Cities PBS original documentary, America’s Secret War, to learn more about the CIA’s operation in Laos and its aftermath from men and women who experienced it firsthand.

During the August 2019 recess, Almanac and Almanac at the Capitol political reporter Mary Lahammer caught up with just about every first-term MN congressperson as they swung through the state. Check out her stories on Angie Craig, Jim Hagedorn and Dean Phillips.

It turns out that 2020 could be a make-or-break year for Minnesota’s representation in the U.S. Congress – and the result will depend on the upcoming census. Find out why Minnesota could be a big loser in 2020.