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Outside Chance: Explore Shore Fishing (With Some Fish Jokes on the Side)

Bonus: Learn how to cook up your own fresh catch.

By Luke Heikkila and Ryan Klabunde

Article by Kelsey Derby

On this week's installment of Outside Chance, our always-u-for-anything host Chance York takes to the lakes. He meets up with avid fisherman Xao Xiong to do some fishing (not to mention riffing on a plethora of fish jokes) and catches a couple of wild catfish in Lake City.  

The two share some conversation and a wonderful Hmong meal with the catfish they just caught. If you liked what you saw, here's the (rough!) recipe to make this delicious meal at home. Reminder: Follow your instincts and add seasoning as you see fit. Enjoy!

Xao's Hmong Steamed Catfish 


1-2 catfish (freshly caught preferred) 

Olive oil 

Black pepper 

Chili pepper 


Green onions (roughly half cup) 

Basil (roughly half cup) 

Banana leaves (available at most Asian Markets) 


Cooked rice to serve alongside


  1. Fillet the fish and cut it into small, bite-size pieces on a cutting board 
  1. Chop basil and green onions 
  1. Cover fish in olive oil and add basil and green onions 
  1. Add chili powder, black pepper and salt, season to your heart’s content! 
  1. Add fish mixture to a banana leaf, fold and secure  
  1. Steam for 20-25 minutes until cooked through 
  1. Serve with rice 

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Production Team: Ismail Ali, Adam Geiger, Ezra Gold, Terry Gray, Luke Heikkila, Ryan Klabunde, Jon Van Amber, Chance York

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