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Outside Chance: Who doesn't need a little logrolling in their life?

Might be simple, but it sure isn't easy.

By Luke Heikkila and Ryan Klabunde

Article by Kelsey Derby

Ever imagined yourself attempting to balance on a log as it swiftly churns in a lake? Sound a little far-fetched? Think again. A competitive event within the Lumberjack World Championships, logrolling has been around for more than 130 years.

The sport is relatively straightforward: It consists of two people, standing on a log that's rolling in the water and hoping to avoid falling off. In this episode, Chance points out, after many attempts, that logrolling is, "simple, but not easy." True words.

Requiring iron strength, concentration and a hint of a competitive spirit, we wondered, What are some logrolling techniques? 

In the episode, our gracious host Abby Delaney and members of the Minneapolis Logrolling Club talk Chance through some pointers on how he can be successful. We captured some of their advice:


Bend your knees and sit back - like you are doing a chair pose in yoga - to find your balance on this unsteady surface. Focus on something still in front of you and practice your balance technique off-the-log. 

Foot speed 

In order to control your balance on the log, you want to constantly take tiny steps and also keep track of your opponent's feet. The log will naturally roll, and the key is to roll along with it. Never stop moving your feet! 

Core work 

Sink into your core and focus on everything from the waist down. Core stability is the key to feeling secure and successful on the log. 


Logrolling is a sparring sport, so find ways to tempt or trick your opponent for an easy win. The further into the sport you go, the more you'll naturally lean into some of these techniques. 

To try logrolling yourself, check out the Minneapolis Logrolling Club, or search for logrolling opportunities in your neck of the woods. With 10,000-plus lakes, Minnesota is the perfect place to start 'rollin! 

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Special Thanks: Minneapolis Log Rolling Club, Minneapolis Parks and Recreation

Production Team: Adam Geiger, Ezra Gold, Terry Gray, Anne Guttridge, Luke Heikkila, Ryan Klabunde, Jon Van Amber, Chance York

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