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Outside Chance: Your Geocaching Adventure Awaits

Part outdoor activity, part scavenger hunt, geocaching can send you on both urban and pastoral adventures.

By Luke Heikkila and Ryan Klabunde

Article by Kelsey Derby

The latest episode of Outside Chance follows our host Chance York as he goes on a geocaching adventure with the "Kevin Garnett of Minnesota Geocaching," Bart Flentje. As they wander the prairie and ultimately through the brambles, they follow one of the only officially unofficial rules of geocaching: Take something from the cache. Leave something in the cache. Write about it in the logbook. 

If you're feeling inspired to go out and try geocaching as the weather begins to warm up, we wanted to make sure you knew where to start.  Check out our roundup of resources below. 

Download the App from 

Using the official app on your smartphone is the easiest way to start geocaching. There are over 8,000-plus caches around Minneapolis, alone, and the app uses location services to help you find one near you. It's easy to use and the site even has special gear you can purchase if you're feeling extra committed to your new favorite outdoor passion.  

Check out REI's How To Guide

REI has pulled together a comprehensive look at what to bring, what to do with "trackable items" and even how to go about making your own cache. After watching the episode, the experts in outdoor adventure offer a great way to learn in a bit more detail. 

Join the Minnesota Geocaching Facebook Group 

As Chance mentions in the episode, this Facebook group is a great resource for locals to connect around their love of geocaching. You'll find people sharing their adventures, asking questions and learning about the latest updates in geocaching. With over 2,000 members, you're sure to learn more about how to start.

Need more outdoor adventure inspiration? Watch other episodes of Outside Chance. 

Special Thanks: Whitetail Woods Regional Park

Production Team: Adam Geiger, Ezra Gold, Terry Gray, Luke Heikkila, Ryan Klabunde, Jon Van Amber, Chance York

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