Story reflects data current as of Friday, December 18, 2020.

Kittson Central School District in Hallock, Minn., has opened its doors to more than 200 students this school year.

Superintendent Bob Jaszczak reports that there have been very few coronavirus infections among its students, and none attributed to a spread at school. He says in-person learning has been beneficial for students, teachers and staff.

One Greater Minnesota Reporter Kaomi Goetz spoke to Jaszczak at the end of 2020.


While visiting the Northwest Angle, One Greater Minnesota reporter Kaomi Goetz shared a story about the state’s last one-room public school where children in the tiny community – population 125 – learn through a form of mostly independent study until the end of sixth grade. After that, many are homeschooled, while others make a three-hour round-trip journey to Warroad, Minn., where they complete their studies.

If there’s one fairly universal experience triggered by the global pandemic, it’s that we’re all spending a lot more time at home. Many grown-ups navigate virtual workplaces, while kids focus on virtual school. With more to juggle at home, many families rely on intergenerational options that have myriad benefits for both kids and the older adults in their lives. Discover more about this intergenerational connection.