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Meet the Artist Who Walked All 1,315 Miles of Minneapolis

By Ryan Klabunde

You can trace the outline of a city on a map without ever grasping its true scale or complexity. But Larsen Husby wanted a more intimate view of Minneapolis – so he took his first literal step in October 2016 to walking every street – all 1,315 miles – in the city. Along the way, he chronicled his experiences in “Long Trace of Minneapolis,” a collection of data, maps, photos and reflections.

Minneapolis Neighborhoods Larsen Finds Most Unique



"Just because a place is poor and maybe doesn’t look the way you want it to look, it's still a community, it's still able to produce exceptional people."



"The first time I walked through this neighborhood, I was taken by how different it looked from the rest of the city."



"It's a part of the city that has a lot of different elements going on within a fairly compact part of the city."



"There's been so much turnover in so many parts of the city. [But] Kenwood has been the same kind of neighborhood filled with big, beautiful houses."


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