Kevin Kling and TPT go WAY back. Kevin first appeared on Almanac as a young performer in the summer of 1985. For the past 10 years, Kevin has been telling stories on Almanac on a regular basis. He insists that we book him for the Minnesota State Fair program – and we do just that each year for the show we shoot live at the MPR stage. The Fair is a great venue for Kevin: It gives him an excuse to talk about the farmers in his family, including one of his relatives who was “as wide as he was tall. We used to say if it wasn’t for the direction of his buttons, we wouldn’t know if he was standing up or laying down.” With Kevin, the State Fairs stories keep coming.


Master storyteller Kevin Kling is a frequent essayist on Almanac – and whether he’s waxing poetic about the star or the Vikings, his stories have one thing in common: They stick with you. Check out his State Fair Memories.

Thanksgiving may come around only oncer every year – but this story about his uncle’s “adults-only sauerkraut” is just about perfect all year long.

According to Kevin Kling, “every year, the Vikings break our hearts.” But in 2018, they also broke our souls after losing a stunning defeat to the Eagles, which nixed their chances of being the first NFL team to play in their hometown during the Super Bowl. But their defeat meant so much more, which Kling captures in this poignant, funny essay.