Does creativity just happen, or is it something that needs intentional focus? Jewelry designer Tia Keobounpheng has found that a daily practice is key to finding balance and inspiration both in her work and everyday life.

While away on a girls’ weekend, Tia rediscovered the joy she found in watercolor painting. Shortly after, she saw artist @elleluna was encouraging her Instagram followers to start a new #100dayproject. On a whim, Tia decided to join in. She committed to creating one piece of art every day for 100 days.

“Part of the 100 day project is that you post your project [to Instagram] every day for the 100 days and that component holds you accountable. It helps you see how far you’ve come. You can see the progression,” said Tia. She added, “You have to post it even if you are unhappy with the end result and sometimes that was really hard. But, those were often the pieces that people really liked the most. And so their reactions helped me receive my own piece and realize that the perfectionism in me is not necessary. Art is about more than just being precise and perfect. It’s about expressing, it’s about just daring to put something out into the world.“

Tia found the practice so valuable, she continued it well past her first 100 days. “There’s a thing called Flow, and it’s not just about art or creativity. Flow is a state of being connected with what you’re doing and having joy within that connectedness. I definitely got into that state and I’ve tapped into it and it’s completely transformed me as an artist.”

Learn more about Tia and her work in this MN Original clip.

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