Reports surfaced last week that iconic humor and satire publication MAD Magazine will stop publishing new content in its issues starting in October of this year. With the exception of newly commissioned cover art and the possibility of year-end specials, the magazine will focus on reprinting old content starting with Issue #11.

DC Comics, which owns the magazine, has yet to release an official statement on the matter, however it was also reported that two of the three remaining editors from the magazine were laid off last week. In publication for 67 years, MAD is an institution in the world of comedy and satire, and has launched, contributed and showcased the work of many award-winning illustrators during that time.

One such artist is Minnesota-based illustrator Tom Richmond, former president of The National Cartoonists Society and a longtime MAD contributor. He spoke out about this news on his blog through a series of posts last week. Richmond offered some advice in a post entitled “Saving MAD?“. In it he states:

“If you want to see MAD continue on in some capacity with new content go out and buy it. Issue #8 is on the stands right now.”

Get an inside look at Tom Richmond’s process drawing for MAD Magazine in the video below from MN Original.

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