In a follow up report, Mary Lahammer visits the former historic state hospital known as the “Anoka Asylum” that’s now housing homeless vets after lots of quickly-coordinated volunteer efforts. The critics said it couldn’t be done. Experts said it would take years and millions of dollars, they were wrong. The people behind Eagle’s Healing Nest made it happen. An army of volunteers, plumbers, painters, electricians, and more made it happen. Many people and organizations donated time, money and equipment.

“Guess what, it’s done a whole day early” says Melony Bulter from the Nest. Warm, comfortable rooms now are open to house veterans. “They can soar again” says Sen. Jim Abeler who represents the art and also worked on the project. Even the formerly terrifying basement is clean and safe. The energy of the place has changed dramatically, we get a change to slide down the old fire escape. “They want to be brought to life” says Butler of both the veterans and building. She concludes,”It’s not haunted, it’s now blessed.”