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Want to Experience What It's Like to Work On A Chicken Farm?

Part of a growing movement in agri-tourism, this Wrenshall, Minn., farm offers Airbnb stays to people who want a taste of rural life.

By Kaomi Lee

Many farms in Minnesota have started to offer some aspect of agri-tourism these days. Jason and Lucie Amundsen of Wrenshall, Minn., opened their doors this summer to overnight guests at their Airbn-Bawk. They are offering two types of accommodations for visitors, starting at $46 a night for a solar-powered, rustic one-room that allows for a bird's-eye view of chickens in their nesting boxes.

But this farm stay offers guests an enhanced perk of being able to pitch in and help out - from moving gates for their pasture-raised chickens to collecting the eggs. The Amundsens say it's a natural extension of their philosophy and a desire to educate consumers about their food and how it gets to their table.

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