If you live in Minnesota, you’ve already heard about the Lake Calhoun-Bde Maka Ska naming debate.  If you don’t live in Minnesota, you SHOULD know about this debate, because, as David Gillette points out, it’s connected to almost everything we’re arguing about as a country. Take a look and make up your own mind!


Need a primer on some of the issues at stake in the debate about this particular Minneapolis lake’s name? Two Minnesota lawmakers debated the issue on the Almanac sofa. 

What’s in a name? A lot of interesting history, it turns out. Discover more about the people behind the names of some of the well-known buildings on the University of Minnesota campus.

Joes Bendickson, a Dakota Language Teaching Specialist at the University of Minnesota, helped David Gillette with the correct pronunciation of some of the Dakota words we see and say every day.