As Sen. Amy Klobuchar announces the end of her presidential campaign, it’s instructive to look back at the beginning of her political career. The year was 1998, the same election when Minnesota “shocked the world” by electing  former pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura as governor. As an attorney, Klobuchar took on the former judge Sheryl Ramstad Hvass in the race for Hennepin County Attorney. Both had well-known names: Klobuchar’s father was a famous newspaper reporter, and Ramstad Hvass’s brother was a popular member of Congress. The pair debated on our nightly news program, NewsNight Minnesota, and on our weekly public affairs program, Almanac. The election helped build Klobuchar’s campaign line that she has won everywhere, every time.


In early 2019, Sen. Amy Klobuchar officially announced her plans to run for the highest office in the United States – the presidency. The day proved to be classic Minnesota: Despite the snow falling at a rapid clip, hearty Minnesotans turned up to cheer her on. Revisit the day on which she announced her candidacy.

Are Minnesotans too boring to be president? That very question was put before former Tim Pawlenty staffer Brian McClungs, who joined Almanac’s David Gillette for a round of post-show questions.