Xee Reiter began her infatuation with art in grade school, and it has since remained an intrinsic part of her creative life. Her eclectic style ranges from lettering and calligraphy to line illustrations and painting, using various mediums. As a first-generation Hmong American, her cultural roots can be found in some of her work. During the warm season, for example, she enjoys sketching her family’s local explorations. Xee lives in Saint Paul with her husband and their three kids.


Xee Reiter is a featured artist in the May 2019 event, Art Is…Our Call for Peace. Writer Kao Kalia Yang, traditional song poet Bee Yang, spoken word artist Kevin Yang, and visual artist  Xee Reiter come together on a historic evening that transcends generations and artistic forms to celebrate Hmong art in America. They send a message to the world: If there are good things that emerge from wars at all, then it is us, those who’ve survived to dream of more peaceful possibilities. 

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Special Thanks: Hmongtown Marketplace
Production Team: Kate McDonald, Ryan Klabunde, Brennan Vance, Joe Demko.