It started over a beer. Steve Schraeder was asking a friend why so many expedition stories are set in far-away places – jungles, mountains, deserts. Why not here, in Minnesota? Just like that, an idea was born: someone should organize an expedition HERE, and they should do it with GEAR made in our state.

When Eli Nord heard what Steve was planning, he knew he wanted to be involved.  Together, they launched “Ode 2 Minnesota,” an 1,100 mile, modern-day adventure that would take them by foot, bicycle and canoe across some of the most scenic parts of our state.

"Ode 2 Minnesota" Route Map
“Ode 2 Minnesota” Route Map

Local outfitters answered the call, and as they began their journey, everything from the boots on their feet to the foods in their backpacks, originated somewhere in Minnesota.

Forty four days later, through occasionally rough weather, beautiful scenery and a few unexpected twists, their journey was complete. They stopped by “Almanac” to talk with David Gillette about their “Ode” Expedition and share the details of the gear that made it possible.